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Resprayed VW Volkswagen T4


˜Spray it don’t say it! 

˜Here at Lime we offer a full re-spray service.

˜Choose from original factory matched colours to custom colourwork including glitter flake and pearls.


Colour Coded VW Volkswagen T4

˜Want a fresh new look? Tired of those old decals and stickers?

˜Lime can offer a colour coding service that can give you that instant new look. 

˜Using the best quality paints available your vehicle will shine like a diamond. 

˜Choose one colour or a variety, it’s up to you



Volkswagen VW T5 T6 Facelift


˜Tired of those wrinkles and fancy an uplift?

˜Come over to Lime for that little bit of cosmetic work. 

˜We can update your van and give it a younger look. You can still turn heads with just a little bit of nip and tuck.


Volkswagen VW T5 T6 Bodykits


˜Tired of the same old look?

˜Here at Lime we can add that little bit of ‘bling’ to your van by fitting your bodykit of choice.

˜Painted to your specification we can colour code to your van or can accent in a different paintscheme.

˜The choice is up to you!


Volkswagen VW T5 T6 Spoiler Fitting


˜We love to spoil you here at Lime and we love nothing more than those finishing touches to add class. So why not add a little extra to that tailgate or those barn doors.

Here at Lime we can supply and fit that little piece of kit. 

˜Colour coded or accent painted it’ll be that little cherry on top of the icing.


Volkswagen VW T5 T6 Lowering Kit Fitting
Suspension Lowering


˜Just how low can you go? The answer as low as you want.

˜At Lime we can fit your beloved van with a set of shocks and springs that’ll see you crawling on your belly.

˜So tell me how low will you go?



VW Volkswagen T5 T6 Window Fitting Installation
Window Installation



Bored of your old dark panel van? At Lime we offer a window fitting service.

˜We can install a range of windows from manufacturers very own sliding window to the best aftermarket glass available.

˜So you can just sit back and enjoy the view from every angle



Lime Vehicles  HiLo Skyline Pop Top Roofs Fitting Installing VW Volkswagen T5 T6
Elevated Roofs (Pop-Tops)


˜Need a room with a view?

˜Pop over to us and we’ll pop a pop top on! Here are Lime we can supply and fit a range of elevating roofs. 

˜As an Authorised Dealer Fitter for both HiLo and Skyline you'll be able to choose from a range of designs, materials and colours.

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