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Speedliner Europe Ltd supply a high quality, tough, durable, versatile, protective, high wear and tear polymer coating product via authorised dealers

It is the most successful and longest established sprayliner in the UK with over 16 years track record

Being a diverse product it can be applied on a variety of surfaces that require being tough, anti-slip, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and waterproof


As an AUTHORISED DEALER Lime Vehicles offers a range of polymer liners including Speedliner Euro HS, Speedliner Euro HC and Speedcoat

Speedliner Euro HS can be applied to an array of vehicles and surfaces for commercial, industrial agricultural and leisure use. It can be modified to: 

  • Include Kevlar to increase strength and durability

  • Include anti-slip pigmentsfor added safety

  • Include fluorescence pigments in order to make it highly visable


Speedliner Euro HC is a hygienic polymer coat that inhibits microbial growth. It controls and protects against bacteria fungi and mold

Speedcoat is a liner dedicated solely to the caravan and motorhome market. The service is a specialist repair system and can be applied on shower trays, leaking roofs and front panels




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